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The world of Avalanche

Hoperya is nothing but a field of ruins. Sporadic but vicious fighting rages on: the noise of battle, the streams of blood, the heat of fire… But the city has well and truly fallen.

Black dragons fly overhead, picking off the surviving human troops as they try to rally. Already some of the black orcs are celebrating victory. Everywhere, the flesh-eaters feast on the bodies of the humans and their allies.

A void of desolation stands at ground zero of the explosion, where gods collided. Ash falls from the sky, like a bitter, acrid rain, slowly covering all things. The capital of humankind, or at least what is left of it, lies conquered.

I, Theodof Trajui, have seen Hoperya, the great white city of concord, the spire of hope, fall. I saw dusk descend on the age of man. I saw the first day of its end.

Gulmther orc god Avalanche ExiStanc3 rpg campaign

Gulmther (black orc)

the five sister stronghold Avalanche ExiStanc3 rpg campaign

The Five Sisters

Tarm demon Avalanche ExiStanc3 rpg campaign

Kül-Khan-Tarm (demon)

Black Orcs impatient Avalanche ExiStanc3 rpg campaign

The Impatience of the Black Orcs

knight Avalanche ExiStanc3 rpg campaign

A Knight Happens upon an Unusual Farm

cover ExiStanc3

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